The Launch Youniversity Podcast

Turning Good intentions into reality in your career, business, and life

Launch Youniversity aims to engage the next generation of leaders who are driven to accelerate their personal and professional development by providing them with resources, tools, and advice to promote their ingenuity.

The Launch Youniversity Podcast helps go-getters, like you, discover what it takes to turn good intentions into reality in their career, business, and life. 

The podcast features interviews with Chef Ford Fry, Sid Mashburn, David Butler (Coca-Cola), Eryn Erickson (So Worth Loving), Jeff Shinabarger (Plywood People), Carey Nieuwhof, Davis Harwell, and many more. Each episode, you will meet entrepreneurs, artists, and entrepreneurial executives who have successfully launched their ideas, products, businesses, and themselves to ultimately make a difference for their customers, organizations, and communities. Our hope is that you’ll gain insights, principles, and ideas to make your next launch your best launch.