Opening Day Isn't As Important as Every Day

“I launch every day."
Sid Mashburn

As a baseball fan, there’s nothing quite like the hope of Opening Day. It’s much like Christmas morning with thoughts of the World Series dancing like sugar plums in everyone’s heads. 

Sure, Opening Day is important. No one wants to lose on Opening Day.  But the reality is that Opening Day isn’t as important as every day.

Opening Day is about fanfare. Every day is about habits. 

As John Maxwell says, “Many people have uphill hopes but downhill habits.” 

You can have a bad Opening Day and still be successful. You can’t have bad every days and be successful. This is why launching isn’t reserved for one day.  It's also why The Pathway to Launch isn't linear, but cyclical. 

I keep the below sticker on my computer and I gave one to each of our team members at Gwinnett Church. It's a reminder to always be asking ourselves: What have you done today for your business or idea? Because it's not the launch day that counts, it's the every day.