Launch Youniversity’s Year in Review: 5 Things You Might Have Missed

This was a big year for Launch Youniversity. We did what we encourage others to do every day:  We launched. It’s been an incredible few months interviewing other launchers on our podcast and sharing our experiences with you—both good and bad—through our blog and Facebook page.

Here are five things you might have missed:

LYP 009: When Your Launch Doesn't Go as Planned: The Story of Chick-fil-A BBQ Sauce

David Farmer, a member of the Launch Youniversity team and leader of Menu Strategy at Chick-fil-A, shared his experience with us on what happened when his team changed the classic Chick-fil-A BBQ Sauce. One of our takeaways from this episode? Customer feedback is a gift, don't shy away from it. 

The Leadership Advice That Changed My Life

Jeff shared with us the heartfelt story of his first business mentor and the lessons he learned from him. As launchers, this advice challenged us to think about how we work and why we work. It’s a blog post you don’t want to skip.

A Toolbox for Launchers

Shane’s collection of personality assessments, books and articles is exactly what the headline says: A toolbox for any launcher. If you’re reading the Launch Youniversity blog, then there’s a good chance you already understand the importance of investing in your own growth. Shane’s recommendations are great places to start. Have favorite tools of your own? Tell us in the comments.

LYP 003: Eryn Eddy on Using Business to Build Community

Eryn was the first interview we featured on the Launch Youniversity Podcast, and one we refer back to often. If you are launching a business, this episode is a must-listen. Nobody better knows how to build and engage a social media community more than Eryn. We’re excited for how much you’ll learn from her.

3 Ways to Find a Mentor

Everyone agrees that mentors are incredibly important, but it’s daunting to think about finding one. Here’s a few tips. Spoiler alert: You don’t always need to meet with someone to be mentored by them.

Launchers, you are the heroes. We are so thankful that you’ve let us walk alongside you this year as you achieve incredible things. We can’t wait to bring you more content in 2017. Subscribe to our podcast to never miss an episode. If you have any ideas for topics you’d like to write about, interviews you want to hear, or know of a better way we can serve you, please let us know on our Facebook page.

We’ll see you in 2017!