Build a Network of Peers: Why and How to Start

Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said:

"Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.”

From the small but effective teamwork of a basketball team, to the interdependent collaboration of a massive business to achieve a common goal... examples of teamwork and community are everywhere. The true value of this collaboration is sometimes missed. It's easy to forget, particularly in the busyness of launching something new, that we need teamwork and community to succeed and even more importantly, sustain that success. 

1. The Power of Community.  

Jeff Shinabarger of has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and has observed that they often can get isolated and lonely. Surrounding yourself with others is not only a strategy for finding critical resources, but also for finding motivation to help you power through tough times.  Similar to training at a gym versus working out alone in your home, working around other go-getters can energize your pursuits.  

Jeff stopped by the Launch Youniversity Podcast twice for two great conversations. Here them here and here

 2. The Power of a Board.  

Having a board of advisors—a team of folks who can offer key counsel and expertise—is a great tool for entrepreneurs. It may not be a formal board and you may not even have to tell folks they are on your "board". These are folks you can turn to for input or advice when you face challenges, opportunities or tough decisions. Look for board members who have skills that may not be in your current gift set.  

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 3. The Power of Networks.  

When it comes to getting things done, or generating customers, an effective network is a force multiplier. There used to a TV commercial about a ladies hair care product that went something like, "and she told two people, and they each told two people, and ....".  That's what networks can do—accelerate the work of solving problems, finding resources, or spreading buzz. What are you doing to build your networks now? If you wait until you desperately need them, it's generally too late.  

Want to Build Your Network? Start by Asking Yourself:

  • Who do you currently have in your life that you can, or already do, rely on? 
  • Who in in your local business community can you connect with? 
  • What other entrepreneur or business leader, outside of your community, can you can connect with virtually? 
  • What role will these individuals hold in regards to your business?