5 Questions to Ask Your Mentor

You got the courage to ask someone to mentor you, and they agreed.

But now, you might have fears of wasting their time, or having awkward patches of silence, or not getting anything out of the conversation. Those fears are normal, but you can put them to rest by preparing for meeting with your mentor by coming up with a plan to maximize your time and theirs. 

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The best way to maximize the time with a mentor is simple: Become a collector of strong questions. After all, the goal of meeting with a mentor is to soak in all the wisdom, advice and lessons that they're willing to share. So start with asking them really great questions. 

Here are five examples of great questions to get you started that you can use for the next time you're with your mentor. 

1.  What is your best habit and why?


2.  What are you currently learning? 


3.  What is the best financial decision you have made? 


4. Who has been your greatest leadership influence and what did you learn from them?


      5. Two great challenges that face any launcher are fear and ego. How do you  keep fear and pride at bay?

        Now that you've read these five, write down a list of your own five questions. Then, you'll have ten solid questions going into a mentor meeting. You'll both be thankful you prepared for the time. 

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